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      Incorporated Place labels(1)
      Unincorporated Place labels(2)
      Minor Civil Division labels(3)
      Native American Area labels(4)
      National Park labels(5)
      National Forest labels(6)
      National Wilderness labels(7)
      US Fish & Wildlife Service labels(8)
      National Grassland labels(9)
      National Cemetery labels(10)
      Military Reserve labels(11)
      NASA Facility labels(12)
      Met. Washington Airport labels(13)
      Congressional District labels(14)
      County or Equivalent labels(15)
      State or Territory Small-Scale labels(16)
      State or Territory Large-Scale labels(17)
      Incorporated Place(19)
      Unincorporated Place(20)
      Minor Civil Division(21)
      Native American Area(22)
      National Park(23)
      National Forest(24)
      National Wilderness(25)
      US Fish & Wildlife Service(26)
      National Grassland(27)
      National Cemetery(28)
      Military Reserve(29)
      NASA Facility(30)
      Met. Washington Airport(31)
      Tennessee Valley Authority(32)
      Bureau of Land Management(33)
      Congressional District(34)
      County or Equivalent(35)
      State or Territory Small-Scale(36)
      State or Territory Large-Scale(37)
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